So You Think You Want to Scrapbook

Learning to scrapbook will take some commitment and it is really like a piece of art. When you learn the techniques to scrapbook you will be able to enjoy, however, you will have to get to know a few basic tools, supplies, and learn some skills before you get started. You will want to create albums, but it will take. Projects are difficult, but it can be very rewarding when you end up with something like a family heirloom. It can be enjoyable to do and then the memories that you gather can be passed down to your grandchildren.

To get started, you first need pictures. Everyone has boxes filled with pictures, but you may notice that some are discolored or warped because of the poor storage. The world around us in our homes is full of acid and moisture, which breaks down the chemical balance, used to produce photographs and causes them to change appearance. With scrap booking, you will want to use acid free supplies so that you can preserve the pictures for many years and decades to come.

There are some basics tools that you will need to get before you start your voyage of scrap booking. Every good scrap booker needs a cutting tool. You will need to get sharp scissors and specialty scissors that will cut scalloped edges, but you may also want something that will cut a straight line and circles. You will also need some form of adhesive. Beginners may find that the easiest products to buy are photo mounts, which are tiny pre-cut pieces of tape, and glue dots, which are pressure-sensitive strong spots of glue to hold larger embellishments. Beyond a cutting tool and adhesive, you really don’t need any other tools to get started, but if you want to create fancier pages, many options are available including rubber stamps, paper crimpers, and punches. Start with a few smaller items and increase your inventory as you learn more and more scrapbooking skills.

You will also need a few basic supplies before you begin, the most important of which is the album itself. Make sure whatever you purchase is large enough to hold all the pictures you want to include; two to five pictures will fit on a standard 8 ½ x 11 page with cropping, with the most balanced layouts having three pictures. You can also choose from larger or smaller albums. Really, the only other supply that you will need to get your scrapbook album started is some paper. Most albums come with a white piece of paper in each sheet protector, but there are many colors and designs to choose from to help spice up your album. Other supplies that add interest to your pages include paper dolls, stickers, die cuts, and three-dimensional elements.

When it comes to the skills that you will need, you can find it to be creativity and you’ll learn how to do things that you see in a magazine or online and mimic it in your art. If you would like to again some skills the fast way, you will want to attend or join a scrapbook workshop or club. As for the workshops, you will be able to attend many workshops when you check out the craft schedule at the local stores. You can also go to a local craft store and ask them how to start the scrapbook and you’ll be able to learn and master the process of scrap booking.

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